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Thursday, 3 December 2015

At last, we've finally got the shop extension started.  Unfortunately the weather has not been at all cooperative, rain, rain, wind and a bit more wind, trenches filled with water, mud everywhere, such fun! is not a phrase that springs to mind. 

The cows came in early November as the weather went down hill so quickly and the ground became extremely wet. It makes it a long winter for them and us. We have plenty of silage and hay from this past years harvest and the previous year, so we have no worries there. 

Our new ram, Russell, seems to have done his job, when we pit a harness on him he only marked a couple, it came off the first time round so we caught him for the next 3 week period.  We still have a few lambs's left, 3 are going next week for the shop, then some more to market, with just a few being kept over the winter period to replenish the shop as and when they are needed.

We have lots of pigs coming along now, but unfortunately we're not sure if Sally or Lily went to the boar again, we will have them scanned at a later date. We start a run on pork next week when we send the first 3 of 9 to go. It's still the best tasting pork!!

Although the weather has not been good we've still managed to let the turkeys out quite alot. There aren't as many big ones this year as we ordered some that won't grow so big, as a lot of people seem to only want little ones, you can never have too much turkey, I can do so much with leftover turkey.

We have over 20 people booked for the shop Christmas lunch. We will be having it in our new extension, it's going to be our kitchen eventually, but we are using it as a dining room first. The shop has continued to be reasonably busy throughout November, which is usually our quietest month, for this we are thankful.

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