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Monday, 12 October 2015

Definitely Autumnal.

8 o'clock in the evening and all is dark and long gone to bed outside. On the more positive side we do seem to be hanging on to our Indian summer weather. We have been digging our main crop potatoes this afternoon and the weather was gorgeous and we have a fine lot of potatoes. With this last burst of warm weather before the winter, we are busy trying to do all the jobs we can in the fields. Not much planting happens now as the daylight hours reduce and growth slows down. We keep some veg going in the tunnels over the winter period, last year was so mild some things produced all winter, all but slowly. Our tomatoes are still producing and will continue as long as we don't have any sharp frosts, sometimes until Christmas, obviously not in any great quantity but enough to give us a flavour of summer.

We have a new ram called Russell who we put in with the sheep last week. We've had a change of breed, he has a smaller head, in the hope that they will lamb easier, time will tell, no doubt you will get to hear in about 5 months time.

Sally had lots of babies, 16 in total, but she ended up with 11, so she has done really well. Lily is out with her boyfriend, but she isn't being very amourous so nothing is happening at the moment.

The cows and calves are all doing well.

The turkeys have arrived, so we all know what that means, 10 weeks so I'm told. Talking of which, we're fully booked for our Christmas lunch here in the shop.

As with last year when it becomes dark at 4.30pm we will close the shop half an hour earlier, we find not many come in after dark, probably due to the fact that we don't have any street lighting!!

Tomorrow may see the start of our extension, I will report more on that next time, if it happens.

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