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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Late summer.

Winter months and dark evenings seem to be so much easier for doing things on the computer, hence no blogs since April.

Since I last wrote we've had 9 cows calf, not all successfully sadly, but most are doing well. Our calves have taken on a royal theme this year as a little heifer calf was born on the same day as Princess Charlotte and the others born around the same time were named George, William and Kate.  Beatrice and Eugenie were born a while later, we're waiting on the sex of the last ones before deciding on names for them.

In June we got the marquee out, the summer furniture and the best china for an afternoon of cream teas with strawberries. We had 50 people for an enjoyable, chillaxed time. Just recently now in August we had a barbeque with a salad bar, followed with delicious puddings and then the star attraction a tractor and trailer ride, the sun shone magnificently and a good time was had by all. We've been really busy in the shop with quite a few holiday makers around as well as all our regulars. We've been doing quite a few catering jobs as well, so it really has been busy, busy.

The weather hasn't been particularly helpful this year (what's new) for making hay or growing veg. Because we try to use as much of our own veg for our meals and obviously in our veggie boxes there has been very little veg to sell in the shop. This does cause some aggravation for some customers that come to a farm shop expecting to find veg, the trouble is, we have always in the past prided ourselves that we only sell what we grow ourselves. But as the shop gets busier and busier this may be an area where things have to change. 

All of our meals are made using our own meat. We are very proud of all the meat we produce here on the farm and are passionate about our animals and their well being. Our beef is grass fed to it's full age of 30 months.  Our pigs are Tamworth X and produce tasty orange pigs, our sausages are our best seller, and I don't understand why our lamb is so good, but it really is, it has so much flavour. We don't rear our own chicken, but we only use local free range and would never compromise for cheap. And seeing as it's very topical, our milk is also local, as is the cheese and butter, and fish that we serve. 

As you may have seen on my Twitter feed, I have been having trouble getting Openreach to come and move a pole which was stopping the extension going ahead.  They were paid in full back in March and had ignored all my attempts to find out what was happening. Eventually someone decided it had been rather a long time happening and decided to kick some butts.  The pole has been moved now, but not completed!  So now we can hopefully proceed.

Our holiday has been and gone, looking forward to the next one.  If you haven't had yours, have a good one.



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