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Sunday, 22 February 2015

All the latest.

I've had quite a few comments in the shop from customers that read the last page and how interesting they found it, so thank you for that, it's always good to hear that people do actually read it.

Lambing is fairly imminent now which means literally 24/7, we have 52 to lamb. They are due in a weeks time but will probably start anytime soon. Tomorrow they will come into the maternity ward. This will be the first from our new ram Stanley.  It would be nice if we could have some dry weather but watching Countryfile as I type I'm not sure if my wish will be granted.

During the week Willow and Lulu gave birth to Bramble a little billy and Fern a little nanny, they truly are gorgeous. They've been to the vet and been de-budded which requires a little anaesthetic but they are fine. Some of our regulars had a little cuddle, I think there will be lots of people wanting them.

We have our dreaded TB test tomorrow, always a difficult week waiting for the results.

Lily is out visiting the home of the boar, but she will have A.I used on her as he is her Dad. Lily is Sally's daughter and this will be her first litter. Sally's last litter are at the moment being sent to slaughter in batches so we have plenty of pork.  We have started taking it to the markets in the village and people are tasting how good it is.  Last week we had a customer from Bristol who loved the sausages and bought £65.00p worth, we like customers like that. It really is rewarding to have customers appreciate quality in a society where cheap seems to be so prevalent.

One new customer said that we didn't have on the web site what vegetables we had at the moment so I will try to address that. At the moment we have, potatoes, we don't do big bags this time of the year, savoy cabbages, curly kale, hungry gap kale, turnips, beetroot, carrots, leeks, purple sprouting, salad leaves, spinach, chard.  We do veggie boxes and they always have priority, what is left then comes into the shop to be sold.  I hope that helps.

We have been quite busy in the shop, there have been a few holiday makers and day trippers around this week.  Cream teas were popular.  We have had a few outside catering jobs to do which boost the takings but also the workload considerably.  We have a very good family team here that all pull together to produce quantities of food when needed.

Tomorrow we start the week with Oasis where we will be serving sausagemeat stuffed chicken thighs wrapped in bacon and rhubarb crumble. The same in the shop on Tuesday. Thursday will be turkey and ham pie, Friday will be turkey, ham, sausagemeat and leek pie. Various delicious homemade puddings will be made throughout the week. We hope to see you soon.

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