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Sunday, 11 January 2015

New Year!!

Haven't done this for ages, so thought I ought to.

All being well and God willing we should have a nice new kitchen by the end of the year, I'd like to think by the summer really, but these things always take longer than you plan. The original kitchen will be integrated into the shop so will eventually give us a bit bigger shop as well, more tables, more selling space, more work! But looking forward to it.

From now until Easter we will probably be reasonably quiet but we remain open for continuity  and to keep our faithful regulars happy - we hope.  This week Andrew and I will be going to Westpoint to source new stock hopefully.  Our criteria is that it has to be British made or Fair Trade.  We recently had a consignment of Fairtrade scarves etc which proved very popular in the shop, they were lovely, we still have some. 

We had our unannounced food hygiene check this past week, we kept our Grade 5 rating so we were pleased about that. We now also have to produce food allergy information, which really is a lot of work as we produce so many different food dishes in the shop.

During the Christmas break period unfortunately 3 sheep died in 2 days which sent us into a slight panic.  Another round of vaccinating both sheep and cows shortly ensued.  No more fatalities, thankfully.

Since I last wrote 4 pygmy goats have arrived on the farm, Lazarus, Lulu, Zaza and Willow, as the names suggest 3 nannies and 1 billy, so babies should be arriving in March, along with a great deal of excitement no doubt from Sophie who they belong to.

For Christmas we produced some hampers which proved quite popular, these will now be regulars throughout the year.

During the winter months we are open from 10.00am - 4.30pm.  On a Monday we provide a lunch for our chapel Oasis club along with a few other savoury snacks and cakes, this is open from 11.00 - 2.00pm and usually myself, Linda or Andrew along with another Church member will be there serving the food and chat. The rest of the week lunches are provided in the shop, most cooked lunches are served at 1.00pm unless pre-arranged.  All of our meals are prepared using our own high quality meat, we only use free range chicken and freshly prepared seasonal veg, usually our own. All eggs used are free range. All our puddings are homemade.

We wish all our customers a healthy New Year, keep eating our food, that will definitely help.


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