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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Happy 10th Birthday.

We've just returned from a holiday in Argyllshire, Scotland. The weather was kind, the scenery was stunning, the wildlife was interesting, except for Midges, they are everything that you hear they are, they are just awful, we have not just come home with memories, we've come home with lots of bites, itchy ones, regardless though, we did have a lovely time there.

It's a mad rush before I go on holiday trying to do all the things that I think are necessary to do, then a mad rush when I come home catching up. Unfortunately it's a little worse this year as the news when I arrived home was that one of our to eat this year bullocks had died from an unusual virus and now we have to vaccinate all our stock against it, another job, but a vital one. It's devastating and distressing to lose animals of this size.

Also whilst we were away they had 4 calves in 24hrs which is nice as it gets them all out the way, but not good when 3 of them decide that they haven't got a clue which end the udder is or what they must do with it. It was a very trying week with one thing and another. All calves are now happily sucking.

I understand the weather was not good for vegetable growing either, lots of rain, which does not help seed germination. Let's hope June brings a little drier weather or there could be a shortage of carrots here for the winter, one of our biggest sellers.

On the positive side the tunnels are looking good. Salad leaves, broad beans, new potatoes, spinach, broccoli and courgettes. The tomato plants are looking healthy, another month we may have some to eat.

You may have noticed that I said Happy 10th Birthday, yes indeed, May 31st was our 10th birthday, where did that go. A "BIG" thankyou to all our customers that keep coming back for more. Whether you come back for the food, the friendship, or the banter, we're glad that you do, and hope that you will continue to come for the next 10 years.


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