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Sunday, 6 April 2014


It's been ages since I updated my web site. Lots of things have been happening.
We've almost finished lambing, we have one left. We have had lots of singles this year, apparently that has been a national trend, less doubles and no trebles.  Everything went reasonably smoothly, just one vet visit, which ended badly, a dead lamb and it was a single so no lambs at all for her.

Sally produced 13 beautiful baby piglets, and I do mean beautiful, they are gorgeous. She now has 10 left, which are strong and healthy little piggies.

We had our TB test during March which we passed very thankfully again. It's always a nervous few days.

The beloved Bullseye had to go to slaughter, it was a wrench, but had to happen. He was small but perfectly formed and produced good beef.

The hedging has now come to an end for this winter and will begin again next.

We haven't started planting outside yet, but the tunnels are reasonably full with lettuce, beans, broccoli, cabbages, potatoes and courgettes and tomatoes in the tunnel in the tunnel for extra protection.  All being well planting outside will begin this month.

I put lots of duck eggs in the incubator, unfortunately none of them were fertile, no fluffy little ducklings. We now have a new drake, better results next time hopefully.

The days are getting longer again now, which means longer working hours, is that good? I'm not sure, my days seem busy enough already, but it is nice to have the longer days and shorter nights.

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