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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Wet, wet, wet.

This weather is a little tiresome, is that a polite way of putting it. Everywhere is saturated and takes very little to make a mess easily. Andrew and I did a little hedging during the week, it very quickly became a mud pit where we were trudging about, but the hedge looks better. Unfortunately because it has not had any attention for many, many years there was not much for Andrew to lay, so he had to make the best of not a lot. It's a job that I really enjoy.

We ordered our seed potatoes this week, I planted some broad beans in trays, away from mice and transplanted some broccoli in the tunnel, so we must be thinking about spring, one has to stay positive, it didn't feel like that this morning though, when it was hammering it down doing the farm work, but the sun is shining now, how quickly it alters.

Although I am complaining about this dreadful weather, and it really is, because it has been such a mild winter I don't think plants went into a complete shut down in growth.  In the tunnel things have grown all winter, weeds, but nevertheless, growth has continued so the plants have as well.  I have a lovely selection of lettuce and salad leaves from autumn planting.

This week saw the permission of the erection of a wind turbine on a neighbouring farm go through.  Sadly as always there are winners and losers in all these situations and they will always be contentious just as the solar panels looking hideous and using up valuable food producing land are.  I personally have no strong objections to turbines, although when this latest one is erected, we will be able to see 3 from our farm, my concerns are however, that they are tearing our communities apart like nothing else that I can remember. 

Our loyal customers continue to support us here in the shop so we will continue to try and serve them with good quality and value food and some banter which is enjoyed by all, well they keep coming back! 

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