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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Time out.

It's good to have time off to recharge the batteries. The daily chores take place, but not much else, unfortunately as quite often happens, not everyone is firing on all cylinders and feeling as we would like to when we have time off.

We brought the cows in a couple of weeks before Christmas. We brought them back to the field where their shed is just to eat off a little grass, but they were intent on coming into it, before we were actually ready for them, they made their intentions very clear, they maybe a very hardy breed but they obviously like a few creature comforts, can't say I blame them.
The sheep will now have to return from their summer residence and start the preparations for lambing at the end of February, it seems to come around so quickly, a bit like Christmas.

Despite this horrible wet weather the chicken have started to lay a little, they like trundling about in amongst the cows bedding, scratching about.

Sally has returned pregnant with the next litter of piglets, hopefully.

Not a great deal of seed sowing goes on in January, although I do get itchy fingers, so no doubt I will have to sow a few lettuces and cabbage nearer the end of the month and some broad beans.


Monday, 16 December 2013


Sorry, it's been a long time, one of my excuses is that my camera has a problem so I can't take pictures, and I like to give photos of what I am talking about. The Twitter feed keeps you up to date with the most regular events. From now until boxing day is busy, then time to relax, sort of. Will report soon.