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Friday, 11 October 2013

Highs and lows.

Today we had to sadly say goodbye to Gertie. It's taken us about 2 years to get to this point, it really was a dirty deed that had to be done. Unfortunately food prices and housing space dictated that this was a necessary move. This comes under the "low" heading.
Last Saturday was a lovely afternoon and we had a lot of bodies around so we made a start on the potato harvest. I don't know if anyone watched "Harvest" on TV with Greg and Phillipa, but our field doesn't look anything like those fields. The big boys have all the sophisticated and expensive machinery, sprays for everything, weed or bug, and made it all look perfect. Not at all like what happens here. Nevertheless we were pleased with our potatoes. You will see from the pictures attached, we don't have shiny new equipment, neither do we spray against weed or bug, which greatly hampers us on this particular job. But we can enjoy eating lovely chemical free potatoes.
We did the taste test on our ducks, they were gooood!
Bob & Tufty are both in with the girls now. Unfortunately Bob is very aggressive which makes life difficult now that he is loose in the field, we have to be very vigilant when we are around him. He must do his job then we will say goodbye to him, not quite as fondly.

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