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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

All the latest.

As tweeted, Sally has produced 10 living piglets. Unfortunately as usual some did not survive otherwise she would have had 14. The smallest, or as widely known as the runt pig, was not looking good either so we decided on a rescue package, wrongly or rightly, so we now have Piggie Little, who is actually now doing reasonably well, but it is early days, as it is for them all.  Sally seems to be happy with us as visitors but we are trying not to disturb unnecessarily in these early days.
Back along I told you that we had a new drake. We sat some eggs from both sets of ducks, some with the other drake as well and both produced ducklings, now almost ready for the table. We now know that we have two working drakes.
This weekend we have an incubator full of chicks to hatch. Offspring from last years hatch with a nice new cockerel, courtesy of a customer.
I've attached some pictures of things that we did or saw over the summer months. Most of them are self explanatory.
                   The magnificent 4.                                                          Hampers in the shop.
                Deer in the morning sunshine.                                              Proms night.

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