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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

All the latest.

As tweeted, Sally has produced 10 living piglets. Unfortunately as usual some did not survive otherwise she would have had 14. The smallest, or as widely known as the runt pig, was not looking good either so we decided on a rescue package, wrongly or rightly, so we now have Piggie Little, who is actually now doing reasonably well, but it is early days, as it is for them all.  Sally seems to be happy with us as visitors but we are trying not to disturb unnecessarily in these early days.
Back along I told you that we had a new drake. We sat some eggs from both sets of ducks, some with the other drake as well and both produced ducklings, now almost ready for the table. We now know that we have two working drakes.
This weekend we have an incubator full of chicks to hatch. Offspring from last years hatch with a nice new cockerel, courtesy of a customer.
I've attached some pictures of things that we did or saw over the summer months. Most of them are self explanatory.
                   The magnificent 4.                                                          Hampers in the shop.
                Deer in the morning sunshine.                                              Proms night.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Party time.

Since the cows were turned out in the Spring, our attention has been to cleaning the shed, pressure washing it all down in time for a special birthday in August. Last night saw the culmination of a lot of hard work, a spot of interior decorating and a party venue materialised before our eyes. We all had a lovely evening with friends and family, lots to eat, dancing and not enough sleep to recharge our batteries for the coming week work load. Apologies to any customers who come in on Monday.
The cake was a picture of beloved Nanette.
A few pictures attached of the evening.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Rain at last.

I tweeted last week that we still had not had any rain, but at last we have, I think our arms are 2 inches longer with carrying so many cans of water keeping all our freshly planted cabbages etc alive. We saved most of them, and now with some real rain they are looking very healthy.
The dry spell was good for making hay though, no worries, which makes a change. We still have to make some silage when we have enough grass to cut again, another reason for needing rain.
The summer veg is going well, we are now picking tomatoes, beetroot, courgettes, potatoes, salad leaves,
french beans, spinach, carrots and probably something else that I have forgotten.
Winter planting is going well. The season has been so different from last year, thank goodness.
The shop continues to be busy with all our regular customers and holiday makers.