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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Another week.

Another week has come and gone.
The weather has been a little kinder to us this week.
We planted all our maincrop potatoes before the rain set in this week, let's hope for a better crop than last years.
The cucumbers and courgettes that lived with us in the house for several weeks are now happily re-homed in the heated tunnel, along with the tomatoes.
Unfortunately the veggie boxes are becoming  a little difficult to fill, the winter veg is coming to an end, and the spring/summer veg is reluctant to grow in difficult weather conditions, so we are having to tell customers that we will be unable to continue until we have sufficient veg again.
For those of you that follow us on twitter you will have read that our lambs were attacked by a dog last weekend, unfortunately, Abraham died late on Sunday afternoon, even more sad was the fact that it was Sophies ex tame lamb, not nice news to come home from your holiday to receive, there were tears.
We had 2 baby calves during the week, one needed assistance, everything was fine. It's a good job we have a nice new shed to be able to partition off a maternity ward.
Sally went off to visit her boyfriend, leaving her sausages on legs as I call them, behind.
We had another catering job this week in the shop, but life was a little easier with a full workforce on board .Friday lunch was black pudding stuffed pork tenderloin, saute potatoes, kale, peas and swede followed with a dessert of apple, cinnamon and lemon torte, vanilla ice cream and clotted cream.
Tomorrow we do it all again. Monday we supply Oasis at our chapel in the village with lunch, Beef Cobbler and off we go again.....

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