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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

It's arrived

As expected our new arrival came not long after being housed. On the plus side it was a good job we had got them all in with all this lovely weather that we've been experiencing, but on the negative, we were up until midnight helping to birth rather a large baby from a first time Mum, she was not impressed.
The morning after, when I was picking veg I came across this handsome creature, I'm not sure who jumped most, me or the frog. I very often bump into toads, but seldomly frogs. I'm not sure that he liked me following him around with a camera, I think he got a little fed up with it, but he did some nice poses.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Moving in!

The cows were finally allowed to move into their new winter quarters over the weekend. This is the first new shed on this farm for 40 years, so it felt rather a special occasion to us all.
A youngster is due any day soon, so it will now be able to arrive in the warm and dry.
I've attached some pictures of the shed just before they entered, a couple on their way in, and one settling in, it didn't take long.
The young stock will be coming in later this week. 
We are very proud of our herd, we take a lot of pleasure turning out nice cattle, not just to look at though, to eat as well. Unfortunately  this is becoming increasingly more difficult to achieve with new rules constantly being introduced and moving the goal posts ever closer for us. For the dedicated few that care about where there food comes from and like true traceability, and the knowledge of knowing that their meat is reared in the conventional natural way, I fear may not always be able to be realised.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

christmas is coming!

Sorry, it's been a long time since I posted any news. Lots of things have been happening.
 We await the last load of concrete for the shed tomorrow.  If the weather continues as it is, we shall soon be christening it with the cows having to come in.
We were extremely relieved  to pass our TB test, an anxious time for any farmer.
Most of this years lambs have gone in the shop freezer or market, but Bob and Tufty are well on the way to making the next batch, hopefully.
Sally, one of Gerties offspring went to the boar a month ago, fingers crossed all will be well there.
The turkeys arrived mid September, as you can see here, they are enjoying some autumn sunshine.
The shop continues to have steady trade, for which we are thankful.
We supply our chapel in Winkleigh on a Monday lunchtime with a hot meal for their Oasis coffee shop which currently runs from 10am til 1.30pm. Hot lunches are served in the shop on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Teas, coffees, cakes and savouries are available throughout the week. We stay open all year.